Indiana Democratic
Veterans Caucus

Veterans Caucus
Our Executive Committee is an elected body responsbile for coordinating and leading the day-to-day functions of the Caucus. Our Board of Directors is made up of nine members, representing each of the nine (9) U.S. Congressional districts in Indiana to establish a state-wide presence. Our Constituency is YOU! Veterans or separated military members, family members, and friends who are all working towards driving issues that are important to veterans across the state of Indiana.
  1. Robert Pope
    Robert Pope
  2. Misti Meehan
    Misti Meehan
    Vice President
  3. Jason Mullgrav
    Jason Mullgrav
  4. Mathew Bumbalough
    Mathew Bumbalough
  1. Not Filled
    Not Filled
    District 1
  2. Not Filled
    Not Filled
    District 2
  3. Misti Meehan
    Misti Meehan
    District 3
  4. Robert Pope
    Robert Pope
    District 4
  1. Jason Mulgrav
    Jason Mulgrav
    District 5
  2. Nick Elder
    Nick Elder
    District 6
  3. Erin McGrew
    Erin McGrew
    District 7
  4. Not Filled
    Not Filled
    District 8
  5. Mathew Bumbalough
    Mathew Bumbalough
    District 9